Cyclone Athletics

Central Middle School Cyclone Athletics - Programs Will Be Offered As COVID Restrictions Allow

Here at Central Middle School, our students take pride in being a Cyclone athlete.  The greatest part is that every single student can become a Cyclone athlete at CMS!

Throughout our school year, students will have the opportunity to participate in several ways with our athletics program.  The start of the school year ushers in several opportunities for students to be active with Running Club, Volleyball, and Handball. Running club starts as soon as school starts with students getting outside and being active throughout the Coronation Park areas on the trails.  Volleyball tryouts start the second week back and the season ends at the end of October.  Handball runs through September.

As those season’s wind down a majority of students gets excited about the upcoming basketball season which can see as many as 4 - 6 teams per year with upwards of 100 students taking part in the season.  Basketball runs from December until March.      Cross-Country skiing also happens during this time and is another great opportunity for students to get outside in the winter and stay active.

Lastly, we have badminton to wrap up the year, along with another block of handball. Badminton teams are made up by grade level where students play in house to vie for a chance to represent CMS at the season-ending tournaments out at Fox Run.  

We have a long history of winning at CMS in all of our athletic pursuits whether team or individual.  That being said, more than anything we are proud to give all students the opportunity to be a Cyclone Athlete and represent their school.  Being a Cyclone Athlete starts in the classroom with academics as a focus, and is further represented by being a positive leader in the classroom, community, and on the field of play.  Be sure to check the School and Community Athletics Board in the gym for team tryouts as it gets close to each season!  September is Handball, September - October is Volleyball and Running Club, December - March is Basketball, January - February is Cross-Country Skiing, March - April is Badminton, April is Handball, May - June is Track

CMS Cyclone Athletics Awards

At Central Middle School we are very proud of all of our students.  We strive to take extra time to recognize and show appreciation for those who make a space in their busy middle school lives to stay active and healthy through participating with any one of our athletics teams or clubs.  At the end of the year, we have specific awards given out to those who not only participate but excel in the field of play both skill-wise as well as through demonstrating top-notch leadership and having a positive attitude.

Our awards are given out in the two following categories:

  1. MVP Awards - these awards are given out by the coaches of each team to the player that they feel displayed the best skills required to be successful at their given sport.

      19 MVP Awards total broken down as follows:         

  • 1 each for Girls and Boys Junior Volleyball
  • 1 each for Girls and Boys Junior Basketball
  • 1 each for Girls and Boys Senior Volleyball
  • 1 each for Girls and Boys Senior Basketball
  • 2 at each Grade level for Badminton
  • 1 for Cross-Country Running Club
  • 1 for Cross-Country Ski Club
  • 1 for Handball
  • 2 for Grade 8 students from the Track and Field Meet

2.  Cyclone Awards - these distinctive awards are given out to Senior Basketball and Volleyball team members who demonstrate the utmost in sportsmanship, pride, hustle, desire, and leadership throughout the season.  These will be awarded to four different Cyclones athletes other than the MVP award recipients.

Check out the banners in the Gym to see some of the recipients of these great awards!

Central Middle School Cyclone Intramurals         

Central Middle School has an excellent intramurals program to compliment the lunch recess hour.  The philosophy behind intramurals at CMS is to provide all students in the school with different opportunities to stay active every single day at school.  With a new modified lunch hour, this program is offered every day of the year during the lunch recess time in the gymnasium. When students have their recess time at CMS they can head outside where they can socialize and relax, as well as use equipment to set up games and be active outdoors.  Alternatively, they can make their way to the gymnasium where there will be a rotating variety of activities to keep them moving all lunch hour, all year long.

The main idea with the intramurals program is to provide an opportunity to participate in a variety of games, primarily inclusive and active, as well as competitive at times.  The leadership class will be helping to organize tournaments that will have a more scheduled style based on particular activities (i.e. Annual CMS floor Hockey Tournament).  Students who might not have a team of people to sign up with will still be able to participate in activities of this nature.

Students should be sure to listen to announcements for the intramurals activity taking place each week as it will change often, or if in doubt just come into the gym during activity time knowing you’ll have fun being active!