Quebec Trip 2017

We are very excited about our Quebec trip this year. The trip is set for May 10th to 18th, 2017. As always, it will be a wonderful learning experience for the students, a chance for them to develop their French skills and independence while travelling. 

Payment amounts and due dates:

Wednesday, October 19th - $600.00  *NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT*

Monday, December 19th - $700.00

Wednesday, January 18th - $600.00

Wednesday, March 8th - Remaining balance $655.00

Students participating on the trip are required to attend after school meetings from     3 - 4pm. The meeting dates are as follows but may be subject to change:

         Thursday, November 17

         Wednesday, December 7th

         Thursday, January 19th (Parent chaperones)

         Thursday, February 2

         Thursday, March 16th (Parent chaperones)

         Wednesday, April 12th

         Thursday, May 4th (Parent chaperones)


Room groups have been chosen and they will be responsible for presenting on one of the sites we will be visiting. The following is the schedule of presentations. Groups will present at the meeting for the month listed. 


Janvier -     Gwen, Paris, Ashley - Centre Bell

        Delaney, Jocelyn, Jana, Emily - Tour de Paix

        Sara, Alexa, Taylor, Claire - Basilique Notre-Dame



Février -     

        Shaylene, Joy, Madison, Indigo - Canyon Ste-Anne

        Kyra, Bridget, Bethany, Aurora - Diefenbunker

        Erin,Jordan, Rachel - Centre des Sciences

        Jaidyn, Julie, Chantal, Ariana - Chutes Montmorency


Mars -         Tyson, Kai, Dakota, Dominic - Cirque de Soleil

        Nathan, Blake, Tom, Gabe - Musée Canadien de la Guerre

        Sofia, Corbynn, Avery, Jessie - Cabane à Sucre

        Kylan, Riley, Brett, Dawson - Cavernes Laflèche

       Joe, Chris, Aiden, Brogan - Vieux Québec


Avril -         Treyvon, Kadin, Erik, Jaden - Saute-Moutons

        Mary, Stephanie, Joyoti - Tour Martello

        Umama, Kira, Alyssa, Gabi - Parlement du Canada

        Blake, Komalle, Tyson, Ethan - Marché By

        Kendra, Marina, Aislinn, Maya - Basilique Ste-Anne