Quebec Trip 2018

We are very excited about our Quebec trip this year. The trip is set for Wednesday, May 9 to Thursday, May 17, 2018. This trip provides a chance to immerse students in the French language and culture.  It will be a memorable experience and a school highlight for years to come.  


Tuesday October 3rd - $400.00 – *NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT*

Monday, November 6th - $500.00

Friday, February 2 - $500.00

Friday,March 2nd - $500.00

Balance Due  April 3rd  -  Approx $580.00


-    Cheques made out to:  “CENTRAL MIDDLE SCHOOL”

-    Bring cheques to the office

-     NO Credit card payments – Cash or Cheque only.

-     Fundraising will be deducted off of the last payment


Students participating on the trip are required to attend after school meetings from 3-4pm. The meeting dates are as follows but may be subject to change:

       Monday, January 15  3-4 pm

       Monday, February 12  3-4 pm

       Monday, March 12th  (Parent Chaperones)   3-4 pm

       Thursday, April 5 (Parent chaperones) Spring Fling Dance